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Plastisol Coatings

Plastisol Coatings

ATG can perform plastic coating of components or industrial parts.
In our workshop there are advanced equipment and machinery to make plastic coverings and in particular:

  • Plastisol coatings
  • Pvc coatings
  • Teflon coatings
  • Etfe coatings
  • Rilsan coatings
  • Falmulit coatings

We are specialized in plastisol coatings. The plastisol is a PVC particles suspension in a plasticizer, which flows as a liquid and can be poured into a heated mold.
The plastisol is:

  • a durable plastic
  • malleable
  • very comfortable

Contact our technical department for further information and free quotation on plastisol coatings and on all other materials coatings.

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For more information or free quotation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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For more information or free quotation, don ’t hesitate to contact us

Plastisol Coatings

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