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Frames for Galvanic coating

Frames for Galvanic coating

ATG produces special iron structures for the painting of industrial objects or part of them.

ATG frames for galvanic coating are suitable for different type of painting (painting at high temperatures, with powders, cathaphoresis, …).

ATG frames for galvanic coating are:
– available in different sizes
– made up in one piece or in different parts mountable
– reliable and safe
– resistant to stress
– able to maintain their properties over the years

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Frame for galvanic coating

  • Iron frame
  • different dimension
  • single piece or several pieces removable

Contact our technical department for further information and free quotation for frames for galvanic coating.

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For more information or free quotation, don ’t hesitate to contact us.

Frames for Galvanic coating

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